New Earth


I saw eight shooting stars during the summer meteor shower.
They remind me that we are all made of stardust, here to light up in our own unique way.
We come with distinct interests and ways of being, have resources from the earth and are given the
opportunity to create a life with them. Then we become part of the earth, another form of matter and energy.

New Earth programming is thriving off our own unique light.
When we start putting all our attention on joy and ease, we really just get more of it.
When we link up with Source on the daily through meditation, nature time, or any activity we just love
and lose track of time with, we become intentional co-creators with the universe.

Our light gets brighter, and we receive messages or downloads, synchronicities, and the next step is revealed.
Once we let go of the logical mind and let ourselves go on the quest with a laidback stroll and a whistle attitude,
life lights up, then hidden helpers and clear pathways appear. We tend our light and the clear next step,
feeling how we want to feel. Because when it comes down to it, all we are is a feeling.

We are taking responsibility as a co-creator.
It is up to us to take good care of our connection to Source and the universe,
or the organic light intelligence, as I like to call it. I declutter my field on the daily.
I keep my aura free from old programming, and charge it with the frequency of light.
I honour my authentic truth:
through my vibration, my word, my action, my time, my choices, and my relationships.

The world needs our unique light as we weave the fabric of the New Earth. We are free. We are co-creators.
Let’s light up this life, and be the stars making up the constellations of our communities.
Earth & Shore