Shannon Wallace Ross, Sunlit Sessions, Creative Club, Vancouver BC

An artist of many disciplines, Shannon approaches life with curiosity and creativity.
She has travelled extensively in the inner and outer realms, on a quest
for treasured moments and meaning. Always ready to smile, laugh, hike and swim.
She allows her unique expression of truth as an offering at the altar of new earth.


At the end of 2011 while doing my yoga teacher training we were
required to do an 11 minute meditation for 40 days in a row.

My brain changed, my life changed, I felt a new feeling of spaciousness.

A month later, with divine guidance, I started my gemstone jewellery business.
A month after that, I applied for a youth business grant and got it.

As my connection to myself and source grew, the synchronicities quickened.

I never looked back!

My career was as a vocational councillor for the local health
authority and the national mental health association.

I also had a fun business of designing jewellery and interiors.

I taught yoga and meditation at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica in
2016 and 2017, and ended up living there in a surf town for a year.

When I came back, I was able to study art therapy and teach
workshops while working as a case worker at Big Sisters, a
mentorship organization for girls in need of support.

I also did the nature-loving and mystical
interior design of three airbnb listings in Kitsilano,
and loved being a super host.

Now I begin a new adventure, Sunlit Sessions,
combining my passions.

Getting lit on creative, vibrant living
Earth & Shore